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Question 1.
Who usually cooks the meals in your house?

Well first of all I don’t live in a house, at the moment I live in a small apartment
and I only cook breakfast. I live alone so I don’t really need to be cooking too much
and also, having said that, I eat lunch and dinner at work
because work provides me with a free lunch and dinner
but the only cooking I would be doing in my house is breakfast
and since I’m the only one who lives in my house
Then that means only I do the cooking in my house

alone ลำพัง
at the moment ตอนนี้
first of all ก่อนอื่น
meals มื้อ
provides ให้
since เพราะ
then ดังนั้น / จึง
usually มักจะ
well ก็




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